Our aim is offering and implementing innovative logistic service on Georgian market, which is built on efficiency and professionalism, on the planning of the most optimal routes for the trucks and saving the financial and time resources for our customers.

We are working day after day in the aim of satisfying all the needs of our customers. Our team managed to create such a reliable service for the customers that our company became one of the leaders among Georgian logistic companies and our aim is to extend this success and to reach the aims which are profitable and very important for every business.

In order to grow faster than the market, the Trans Alliance Group focuses on specific services and customer groups. This enables our decentralised operating units to respond faster and more effectively to customer needs. The opportunities available within our fast-expanding company attract staff of the highest calibre, who in turn help drive exceptional growth and customer satisfaction.

We see ourselves as partners to provide our customers with value added Services. We analyse highly complex logistics operations and optimise them using individual solutions that cover sourcing, production and distribution.